Saturday, July 4, 2009

Saturday Morning At 7:22am

Ah. Saturday. Tea. Toast. Morning.

It's also the 4th of July. A holiday which if we're lucky involves fireworks, lakes, oceans, charred food, cold drinks, children, and watermelon. Let me do my part by introducing Pretty Girl (as she is known) to you. She is Lipstick at the Mailbox's daughter. Cute as a bug in a rug my mother would say. Don't you love the fancy white hairbow? The enthusiasic watermelon biting? The little knuckle dimples on her little hands?

Lipstick points out a dandelion growing under the planter. Hmm. Didn't notice.

Happy 4th of July to all.

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Blogger QueenBeeSwain said...

so so precious- might just be the embodiment of what the 4th is all about!

enjoy the sparkles!


July 4, 2009 at 8:41 AM  
Blogger Buckeroomama said...

I love how she totally gives herself into watermelon-biting. A girl after my own heart.

July 4, 2009 at 8:49 AM  
Blogger Ashley said...


July 4, 2009 at 9:22 AM  
Blogger Lipstick said...

Many, many thanks Privilege for such a gracious post!

July 4, 2009 at 12:52 PM  
Blogger LPC said...

My pleasure.

July 4, 2009 at 3:38 PM  
Blogger Iva said...

Happy 4th! Have a great day!


July 4, 2009 at 4:49 PM  
Blogger WendyB said...

That's someone who really enjoys her watermelon!

July 4, 2009 at 5:06 PM  
Blogger Brunch at Saks said...

This is the cutest pic I have ever seen! Happy 4th to you :) XOXO

July 4, 2009 at 11:29 PM  
Blogger Ten Thousand Only said...

happy 4th LPC...

July 5, 2009 at 2:54 PM  
Anonymous midlife slices said...

A most fitting name for the pretty little gem. Hope you had a great 4th!

July 5, 2009 at 3:49 PM  
Blogger LPC said...

I hope you all had a lovely 4th too.

July 5, 2009 at 5:08 PM  
Blogger Grumpy, M.D. said...

We got some great shots of my kids covered in red, white, and blue frosting.

July 6, 2009 at 6:20 AM  
Anonymous the Preppy Princess said...

What a perfect photo, she looks *so* happy, like a photo on a postcard! tp

July 6, 2009 at 1:59 PM  
Blogger Princess Freckles said...

Yes, this picture sums it all up! What a doll!

July 6, 2009 at 3:24 PM  
Blogger Little Bow Prep said...

What a cute picture! I like the bow.

Lovely planter :)

July 7, 2009 at 3:01 PM  

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